Health & wellbeing

The Take Pride Program has utilised area professionals and strong personal experiences to tailor individual presentations on a range of social issues.

Take Pride in Personal HygieneNo Germs On Me - 5 Steps to Hand Washing

Built in conjunction with Queensland Health’s Environmental Health Workers and following the No Germs on Me concept, the Take Pride in Personal Hygiene Program has been delivered to great effect in the indigenous communities of Yarrabah, Injinoo, Hope Vale, and Kowanyama. So successful was the program, it has been nominated for a National Award, and rolled out into the communities of Badu Is, Mornington Is, and Bamaga.

The core component of the program is a hand hygiene education session, delivered by Northern Pride players to children at remote community schools.

Each session includes:

  • hand-washing education, utilising the No germs on me resources
  • the use of a UV light machine to check hands for germs
  • the opportunity to meet high-profile Rugby League heroes
  • a session wrap-up, in which players question children about what they’ve learned and encourage them to teach their younger siblings how to wash their hands before meals.


We have designed a number of interactive nutrition presentations to suit all sections of the community, from primary school students to community leaders.


The Take Pride Program provides support for the One Punch Can Kill campaign through hard hitting personal stories

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

By supporting anti-binge drinking campaigns through awareness and education rather than lecturing, participants are able to make informed choices.

Financial First Steps

Because knowing how to carefully manage your money is just as important as earning it, the Take Pride Program has tailored a program in conjunction with Westpac so participants are able to gain valuable information relating to finance though a specially designed package.